Snow Wants $1.2 Billion for Dulles South

Snow Wants $1.2 Billion for Dulles South

Supervisor Snow (R-Dulles) proposes additional funding in the capital improvement plan for southern infrastructure.

After publicly calling for development company Greenvest LLC to withdraw its rezoning applications for the Transition Policy Area, Supervisor Stephen Snow (R-Dulles) proposed a $1.2 billion amendment to the county's Capital Improvement Plan during the Board of Supervisors March 6 business meeting. The proposal would be paid out over five years.

"I think that given the downzoning last fall and the denial of the CPAM it is safe to say that the growth issue in Loudoun County and in the Dulles South area is dead," he said.

Snow said that the denial of the Transition Policy Area Comprehensive Plan amendment by the board in November left the county without millions of dollars in commitments from developers for the area's infrastructure.

"I understand the passion about transition zones and growth, but the fact of the matter is you have left us with nothing except for a by-right community," he said. "I've got people that need infrastructure."

SNOW'S CALL for Greenvest to withdraw its rezoning applications was answered last week. Attorney Mike Banzhaf confirmed that Greenvest had withdrawn its Lenah, Broad Run Village and Arcola applications. The rezoning known as Greenfields had not been withdrawn, but had be put on an inactive status, Banzhaf said.

Both Lenah and Arcola already have preliminary plans for by-right development, Banzhaf said, and Broad Run Village's preliminary plan is on its way to completion.

"[Greenvest] determined they could develop the property by right and that's what they are moving forward with," Banzhaf said.

All four of Greenvest's land-use proposals would have offered the county a 200-acre regional park, six public school sites, regional road improvements on Route 50, Route 659 relocated, Braddock Road and Evergreen Mills Road. The proposals would have also allowed for the construction of approximately 15,000 new residential units.

In addition the Arcola plan, included a 123-acre site for a George Mason University campus in Loudoun, who still hopes to find a home in the county.

On March 1, Greenvest closed its Leesburg office, relocating all operations to its Vienna location. Company representatives could not be reached for comment on the application withdrawal.

WITHOUT THE Greenvest proffers in place, Snow said now the county and taxpayers must pay for the infrastructure needed by his constituents.

"We have to do something for the people," he said. "Now I have got residents who need roads; I've got residents that don't have a park."

Snow's proposal for fiscal year 2008 includes full $10.3 million funding for the Gum Spring Library, land acquisition for a 200-acre park, a $20 million Dulles South multi-purpose facility and $100 million for transportation improvements. Snow asked that priority be given to Route 50 eastbound, Route 606 and Route 606 extended.

In addition, Snow asked that money for school construction be added to the Capital Improvement Plan, including $1 million for the two-story design of elementary school 16, $13.4 million for middle school 5 and $93.8 million for high school 6.

The amendment for the 2008 Capital Improvement Plan would go to referendum in November 2007.

"The bottom line is you can't do this for free," Snow said.