'Anything Goes' at Heritage

'Anything Goes' at Heritage

“Do you know who’s playing?”

“No who is that playing?”

“Why, it’s Gabriel, Gabriel playing.”

As Nancy Riley, music teacher at Heritage High School perfects the discourse between Reno and the chorus, in the song "Blow, Gabriel, Blow" the energy in the room propelled the students to rock to the beat.

Heritage High school plans to perform the classic musical, "Anything Goes," April 19-21. "Anything Goes," first opened in November 1934, it is set in the Roaring '20s (the years of speak easy and jazz.) It focuses on the courtship of Sir Evelyn Oakleigh (Teague Nicholson) and Hope Harcourt (Courtney Fahrun). Much to the dismay of Hope’s mother, Mrs. Harcourt (Jackie Ziegler), everyone tries to break off their relationship. From the nightclub singer, Reno (Annie Stokes), to criminals, Moonface (Blair Russell) and Bonnie (Christine Young), Hope has a different aspiration, to be with Billy Crocker (Bennet Layman) a young Wall Street broker.

The director, Barbara Wilson, has been at Heritage for three years. Wilson has become an inspiration, is fairly new and she has involved Heritage in programs such as the Cappies program and the Folgers Festival. She also allows the freedom to create new programs so students can participate in the Theater, even if they cannot take the class.

This year, Heritage’s troupe of The International Thespian Society has introduced Flex Plays. Flex plays are plays that will be performed during study hall. They are simple one-act, student-directed plays in which anyone can audition. After several rehearsals, the show is performed in front of peers and the admission of a dollar is charged.

Hence the culmination of the theatrical department at Heritage High School will be "Anything Goes." All community members are encouraged to attend this comedic performance.