Boundary Shifts

Boundary Shifts

Students Get Switched

Sam Adamo, director of Planning and Legislative Services, presented staff recommendations on Forest Grove, Rolling Ridge and Sully elementary school attendance boundaries, to the School Board Tuesday, March 13, that would only disrupt one planning zone area.

The staff recommended student who live in planning zone EL-47 and currently attend Forest Grove Elementary School be relocated to Rolling Ridge Elementary School.

Adamo pointed out that EL-47 students attended Rolling Ridge Elementary School before Forest Grove Elementary School was built.

Rolling Ridge Elementary School is undergoing major renovations that will add seven new classrooms, new art, music and computer classrooms, and a new gymnasium, to the school by August.

"There’s some room there," Adamo said.

SEVERAL MONTHS AGO, School Board member J. Warren Geurin (Sterling) requested the planning and legislative services committee re-examine the attendance boundaries at the three Sterling Park schools, due to an influx of elementary-school-aged children in that area.

"In five years, the boundary area we created has grown in student population by a considerable amount. By about 100 students," he said. "This set of boundary adjustments is designed to more evenly balance out students at Rolling Ridge and Forest Grove elementary schools."

The School Board will adopt the boundaries for Forest Grove Elementary School Tuesday, April 24, at the Administration Building in Ashburn.

Geurin said he agreed with staff recommendations.