Teens Charged with Fires

Teens Charged with Fires

Two Middle-School Students Plead Guilty to Yorktown Fires

Two Sterling teens pleaded guilty in Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court to felony charges of arson and destruction of property in connection with the Tuesday, April 10, house fires on Yorktown Court in Sterling.

The fires caused more than $500,000 damage to two separate single-family homes, said Mary Maguire, a spokesperson for Loudoun County Fire and Rescue.

The Knight and Zurita families lost their homes in the fires the two middle-school-aged boys allegedly started in one of the garages.

"The fire was started by one of those kids that knock on my door every day," Margie Knight said at the time.

Knight said she is concerned about the families of the two boys.

Judge Pamela Brooks will sentence the juveniles Wednesday, June 20, in Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court.

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Robert Vernail said the judge could sentence the teens to the juvenile detention center until their 21st birthdays, as a maximum sentence.

"However, they can be released on probation if the court is so inclined," he said. "There’s not necessarily a minimum [sentence]."