Driving Through Time

Driving Through Time

Rows of antique and collector’s automobiles take car show visitors back in time.

When Lyle H. Day came back from World War II in the early 1940s, he was surprised to learn that his father had sold his Model-T Ford. The going rate back then was about $50, said Day, who remembered his old car fondly as he strolled through a row of similar ones at the Tenth Annual Fairfax Antique Car Show, Saturday, May 19.

Day guesses that his old car could probably be found somewhere around Rome, N.Y., since that’s about where it was sold. He doesn’t have any old cars now, but frequently attends shows where he can take a look and reminisce.

"I’m a Model-T man," said Day.

At the Fairfax Antique Car Show, the variety included everything from Model-T’s to Corvettes and Mustangs. Nearly every car had a fresh wax and what looked like brand new coats of paint. Hundreds of visitors strolled around checking out the hot rods, while their owners stayed close-by to answer questions. The cars’ hoods were also popped up for the more mechanically-savvy passersby.

Several children in attendance weren’t paying much attention to what was under the hood though. For them, it was all about "the color and the cool," said Calvin Sloan, 5. That’s the criteria he followed for determining which cars he liked best. A 1970 sparkling blue Corvette was his favorite.

The City of Fairfax, the Fairfax Downtown Business Coalition, and the Early Ford V8 Club of Northern Virginia sponsor the event. Vehicles must be 25 years or older to be a part of the show that helps promote the city’s history, according to the event’s organizers.