Theirs for the Asking

Theirs for the Asking

Churchill Prom ’07

Lea Biciocchi was busted. Driving home from school one day, she was pulled over by the police. The officer asked Biciocchi, a Churchill senior, for her license and registration, then he returned to the police car.

Biciocchi sweated it out for a few minutes. Finally, Churchill senior Jorge Delgado emerged from the back of the police car. “I came with the license and registration, and asked her to the prom,” said Delgado, who'd arranged the "prom proposal" with a police officer he knew.

Did Biciocchi forgive him? “Yes,” she said. “Pretty quickly.”

Churchill senior Russell Tischler had a sweeter way of asking Amanda Sullivan to the prom. He decorated her car with posters, and made her a cookie pie that said “Prom?”

Grant Phillips knew what would catch Audrey Gariepy-Bogui’s eye. At the entrance to Churchill’s stadium one afternoon before track practice, Phillips affixed a few posters: “Audrey” “Prom?” “Grant.”

Phillips then waited. Then he waited some more. Gariepy-Bogui arrived at practice uncharacteristically late. She too said yes, but it was the only time in recent memory that Gariepy-Bogui — a five-time state champion in track and field — could be described as slow.

Be they sweet or scary, all of these proposals were for Churchill’s prom at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center on Friday, May 18.

More than 40 students went to the Gorgei family’s home on Persimmon Tree Drive late in the afternoon for extended photo sessions and to be picked up by their limousines. The Gorgeis had an unexpected adventure when they had to guide the driver of a stretch limo through a 127-point turn around their circular driveway. Some of their flowers didn’t live to tell the tale, but the Gorgei’s home, and all the Churchill students in the limo, were unharmed.