A Little Taste of India in Centreville

A Little Taste of India in Centreville

Getting together with family and ordering a few sumptuous dishes of Indochinese cuisine with a Western twist from the Masala Country restaurant is the perfect way to add a little spice to a calm and quiet Saturday afternoon.

Masala Country is a new restaurant located in the Centreville Square II Shopping Center that has been open for two weeks now. This unique eatery serves traditional South Indian dishes with an Oriental and Western flare — a real treat for the taste buds.

Dosa, which is a South Indian crepe, is a dish that is quite popular among the patrons.

"We make dosa in different sizes," says owner Achin Patel. "Each is made with a special topping such as chutney or garlic."

Although there is a variety of dosa to choose from, the Schezwan dosa was requested the most that Saturday afternoon.

Schezwan dosa is made of a combination of onions, tofu, vegetables, and a spicy sauce wrapped in a crispy batter made from rice.

The menu is not only limited to dosa. There is a wide selection of unique dishes to choose from.

"We also make American chopsey, which are hard noodles," says Patel. "Salsa noodles and sizzle noodles are more for the kids."

The dishes are not only savory, but are also affordable. Prices range from $2 to $8.

The South Indian portion of the menu includes Mexican style dosa. There are different variations of Mexican style doasa, such as Mexican Roast, Red Chili, Paneer Crispy, and Mexican Roll — all for only $8.

For rice and noodle lovers, sampling the Chilly Garlic noodle, Hakka noodle, or Thai fried rice would be perfect. All rice and noodle dishes are $8 or less.

The dishes on the menu tend to be on the spicy side. However, there are plenty of sweet beverages served at Masala Country that will help soothe the burning sensation in your mouth from eating spicy food. The Mango Lassi and Mirinda soda are deliciously sweet and are only $3.

Although reasonable prices and tasteful dishes help create an enjoyable eating experience, it does not complete the picture. It also takes a welcoming atmosphere and a friendly staff to satisfy the hungry customers. Masala Country has just that.

The crimson-colored walls with the gold trim creates a warm and cozy aura in which the customers can relax and eat comfortably. A few posters framed in gold line the walls and surround the contemporary-style wooden chairs and tables. The design of the restaurant encompasses simplicity and cleanliness.

"There are not that many places where you can have Indochinese food," says Bala Kini. "This place has a slightly different type of cuisine than other Indian restaurants."