Grand Jury Indicts Local People

Grand Jury Indicts Local People

The Fairfax County grand jury on Monday indicted three local residents. They are Lovelace Suttles, Gilbert Johnson and Carlos Martinez.


<bt>County police believe that Lovelace Suttles, 34, a three-year employee of the UPS (United Parcel Service) in Chantilly, stole items addressed to other people. He lives at 13927 Rockland Village Drive, No. 103, in Chantilly.

UPS security specialist John Travis reported the Jan. 10 theft of three, large, flat-screen television sets and three laptop computers from the Chantilly location.

According to police, Suttles aroused suspicion by working there that day when he wasn't scheduled to, and by reportedly bypassing UPS security measures to give six packages to an unknown male.

Police later seized a Philips flat-panel TV with remote from Suttles' home and arrested him. On Monday, the grand jury indicted him on two counts of grand larceny; he's set to enter a plea, May 29, in Circuit Court.


<bt>On Feb. 28, 2006, police charged Gilbert Johnson, 46, of 4097 Weeping Willow Court in Chantilly, with one count of distributing cocaine. Authorities say cocaine reportedly purchased from Johnson by undercover detectives allegedly tested positive for that drug.

And when police executed a search warrant at his home, March 1, 2006, they seized two jeweler's bags stuffed with crack cocaine, as well as pills, crack pipes and more crack cocaine in various locations throughout the residence.

Monday's grand jury indicted Johnson on one count of cocaine distribution. He's scheduled to enter a plea, June 12, in Circuit Court.


<bt>Carlos M. Martinez, 24, of 2249 Christy Place in Oak Hill was a suspect in a rash of daytime burglaries. In each instance, duffel bags and totes were stolen and used to haul away items including loose change.

Police believe Martinez committed a January burglary at a Herndon townhouse on Mager Drive. A large, plastic Coke bottle containing more than $1,000 in silver U.S. coins was taken. And police say people allegedly saw Martinez later depositing $1,097 in coins into a CoinStar machine at a Giant Foods store in Herndon from a large, plastic Coke bottle.

The grand jury indicted him on three counts of breaking and entering. He's set to plea June 6.


<bt>Michael Alan Nevitt, 24, of 1516 Tyler Circle, No. 125, in Woodbridge, is one of three people suspected of breaking into a Clifton home, Dec. 1, 2006, and stealing a slew of expensive jewelry. Items taken from the master bedroom included the victim's $8,000 engagement ring.

On Jan. 24, Nevitt was arrested and charged with burglary and grand larceny. And police say he and another person arrested then allegedly "confessed to some form of involvement in this case."

The grand jury indicted Nevitt on one count each of burglary and grand larceny. He's scheduled to enter a plea July 3 in Circuit Court.


<bt>Sean D. Martin, 38, of 13960 Middle Creek Place in Centreville's Heritage Estates community, was arrested March 30, 2006 and charged with possession of cocaine.

Police say that, when they went to his home to question him about something else, an officer allegedly saw drug paraphernalia used for smoking crack cocaine, in plain sight, in the front room. Monday's grand jury indicted him on cocaine possession and he's set to plea on June 4.


<bt>Young Hee Kwon, 47, of 14521 Meeting Camp Road in Centreville's Confederate Ridge community is accused of identity fraud. The case involves the depositing of a check for $3,800 drawn on someone else's bank account.

Police say the victims hadn't issued that check and reported it as a forgery. They told police it was counterfeit and had been cashed without their knowledge or authorization.

Investigation led police to Kwon, and they arrested her on Jan. 5. Afterward, say police, they allegedly discovered Kwon had two additional counterfeit checks belonging to the victims in her purse. Police said they were "completely filled out and ready for presentation."

The grand jury on Monday indicted Kwon on one count of identity fraud. She's slated to enter a plea June 4.