Good News for Pit Bulls

Good News for Pit Bulls

Animal Care and Control Rethinks Stance on Pit Bulls

After reviewing the results of a communitywide survey, the Department of Animal Care and Control is seeking adoption for pit bulls and pit bull mixes, which is currently banned in Loudoun County. Laura Danis, public and community relations coordinator for the Loudoun County Animal Shelter, said she received an overwhelming response from the community for pit bull adoption.

"It was about 2-to-1," Danis said. "The majority of people said yes, we should change it."

The survey was issued in March in response to the Attorney General of Virginia's recently issued advisory opinion stating that publicly funded animal shelters may not euthanize dogs based solely upon their breed.

ANIMAL CARE and Control is in the process of changing its policy, Danis said. The department must first discuss the policy change with the county’s animal advisory committee. Then, the department will go before the public safety committee to make a decision.

Animal Care and Control is scheduled to meet with the animal advisory committee June 11, at 7 p.m., at Government Center in Leesburg. Until a decision is made, the current policy will remain in place. The publicly funded animal shelter does not allow for the adoption of pit bulls. If animal control officers find stray pit bulls, they do their best to return them to their owner, Danis said. If they can not be returned to an owner, they’re euthanized.

The survey consisted of five questions, like "Were you aware of the Loudoun County Animal Shelter's current policy regarding the adoption of pit bulls or pit bull mixes?" and "Do you believe that the Loudoun County Animal Shelter should make eligible for adoption pit bulls and pit bull mixes?"