MYS and Park Authority Partner to Turf Fields

MYS and Park Authority Partner to Turf Fields

Artificial turf fields benefit youth sports.

With the support of Dranesville District Supervisor Joan DuBois and Dranesville Fairfax County Park Authority Board Member Kevin Fay, McLean Youth Soccer (MYS) has entered into a public-private agreement with the Park Authority to convert Spring Hill Park fields #2 and #3 from grass to synthetic turf. Under this new partnership, McLean Youth Soccer will fund the conversion of the two rectangular fields on the north side of Spring Hill Park, while the Park Authority will oversee the conversions. It is expected that construction can begin in spring 2008 and be completed by fall 2008.

McLean Youth Soccer has been the primary user of these two fields for many years. After the conversion, the fields will be scheduled by the Department of Community and Recreation Services (DCRS). The agreement signed with McLean Youth Soccer and the Park Authority is the same format used on field agreements between Braddock Road Youth Club and Wakefield Park, and between the Annandale Boys and Girls Club and the Mason District Park fields. The clubs receive their seasonal field allocations based on their rosters, and remaining time is allocated to other users by the Department of Community and Recreation Services.

“MYS approached me over a year ago with the idea to install synthetic turf on the county fields they use,” said DuBois. “I supported the concept, but insisted they must work with the neighbors of these fields before I would support the project. I asked MYS to meet with the McLean Citizens Association and the Lewinsville Coalition to ensure the neighbors’ concerns were addressed before any plans were submitted.”

McLean Youth Soccer worked with the McLean Citizens Association Environment and Parks committee and had several sessions with the homeowner association representatives residing closest to Spring Hill Park and comprising the Lewinsville Coalition.

“Everyone worked together on this, and now we can look forward to a much improved facility for our area athletes,” said DuBois.

McLean Youth Soccer is currently exploring possible partnership opportunities with McLean Youth Athletic rectangular sports, football, lacrosse, rugby and track, to convert additional area fields to synthetic turf.