County Board Recognizes Great Falls Habitat Team

At the Sept. 3 Fairfax County Board of Supervisors meeting, members of the Great Falls Habitat Team were recognized for their effort to establish Great Falls as a Certified Community Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation. Thanks to their work, Great Falls is now one of just 23 Certified Community Habitats in the nation. In order to achieve certification, the community must get a certain percentage of residences and businesses to create environmentally friendly habitats on their properties — Great Falls went beyond the required minimum.

“All four of our schools now have habitat gardens that they use for habitat education, three of our churches, our library and almost 200 private homes established habitat gardens,” said Robin Rentsch, co-chair of the Great Falls Citizens Association (GFCA) Environment Committee and a member of the Great Falls Habitat Team. “So we are working on a sustainable planet from our community.”

Jackie Taylor, president of the Great Falls Citizens Association said she was extremely proud of the commitment and dedication shown by the Great Falls Habitat Team.

“Our Environment Committee did an incredible job last year,” said Taylor.