Chantilly High School Reaches Out

Chantilly High School Reaches Out

New program is a hit with local elementary and middle schools.

Chantilly High School is reaching out to the community through a new program initiated by its Student Government Association called “Chantilly Leadership Teams.”

The program -- which includes Chantilly's SGA members visiting area high schools and middle schools -- promotes good citizenship, character building, life skills and academic achievement awareness.

“IT GIVES them good insight into high school life,” said third year SGA member Beanca Nicholson. “Everyone seems really excited about it.”

Mike Astudillo, Student Government Association co-sponsor and member of the CHS business department, credited Nicholson and second-year SGA member Mandy Greenwood with being the primary go-getters for the program.

“The kids really did everything,” Astudillo said. “I layed it out for them and they took it from there.”

The program is initiated and run solely by the SGA.

“We’ve got a great group of students who are helping with this and we’re really excited about it,” said Greenwood.

Members of the program held a luncheon and contract signing Thursday, Sept. 27, which included students and guidance counselors from Oak Hill, Greenbriar West and Poplar Tree elementary schools as well as Rocky Run Middle School gathering in the small café in the Chantilly cafeteria.

“This event today is a kickoff for the Chantilly Leadership Teams program,” Astudillo said. “It’s a way to get everybody together.”

THIS PROGRAM includes members of the SGA going to area elementary and middle schools and performing a five- to 10- minute skit that, in addition to teaching life skills, show kids how to cope with stress, peer pressure, bullying and other problems they may confront in high school. Then they end with a five- to 10-minute Q&A session. The skit is completely written and performed by SGA members.

“We’ll be making fools of ourselves and enjoying it along the way,” Greenwood said with a laugh.

According to Astudillo, a similar program was created several years ago called power teams. It, however, was a mentoring program and did not involve reaching out to as many kids as Chantilly Leadership Teams. That is part of the purpose for the new program.

“We’re trying to reach more kids,” Astudillo said.