Summer Over, School Year Begins

Summer Over, School Year Begins

After enjoying a long Labor Day holiday weekend, local residents headed back to work on Tuesday, and their children headed back to school. Bleary-eyed high school students got up at dawn to make it to school by 7:20 a.m. and parents waited with children at bus stops throughout McLean and Great Falls.

Christie Taylor, the new assistant principal at McLean High School, said she thought the morning was a breeze.

“Actually, things went really smoothly,” said Taylor. “The kids did well and it was cool to see the seniors come in with their camouflage on. We had to show a few freshman to their lockers, but that was about it.”

At Spring Hill Elementary School in McLean, students were already seated quietly and forming perfectly straight lines in the hallway by 9:15 a.m.

“It’s been great,” said Spring Hill principal Roger Vanderhye.

At Forestville Elementary School in Great Falls, students were greeted at the Kiss and Ride drop-off area and at the front entrance. Principal Matt Harris alternated between entrances, escorting groups of students inside. However, some students — such as Forestville first grader Jaylen Cole-Williams — were sad to be bidding farewell to their summer vacation.

“He had a really good summer break,” said his chaperone Tyson Cole-Hines with a laugh when Jaylen said he was not excited about the first day of school.

For others, it was a big day. Julian Sheridan, 5, headed into Forestville to begin his first day of kindergarten.

“It’s an exciting first day of school,” said his mother, Leisa Sheridan.