Look Out For …

Look Out For …

<b>Recreational Facilities</b>

While Reston Association staff examines possibilities for an indoor tennis facility, some residents will continue to advocate for other recreational facilities. Reston founder Bob Simon has long advocated that a skateboard park be built in Reston. Some Reston Town Center residents are seeking passive recreation facilities, such as chessboards, while other town center neighbors wish to see tennis courts in their district, too.

<b>RCC Reopening</b>

Reston Community Center’s main facility at Hunters Woods is undergoing renovations that will keep the building closed until later this fall. However, once reopened, the staff hope the facility, which also hosts an indoor pool, will prove to be a more comfortable destination for its visitors.

<b>Pathway Lighting</b>

Reston Association will consider its options to light portions of community’s pathways, especially near the village centers. Conversations about the possibilities should begin when the association undertakes its next budgeting process.

<b>Transit Rerouting</b>

While Fairfax County conducts a study on how to route the Fairfax Connector buses to best serve the riders, Reston residents are considering options for the community’s internal system. Outside of the proposals that came out of the Reston Metrorail Access Group (RMAG) on accessibility to future metro stations, future development may dictate circulator buses in other parts of the community.

<b>Town Center Redevelopment</b>

With conceptual plans for Lerner’s redevelopment of the Spectrum Shopping Center approved at the county, there is much talk about what that plan may do in terms of encouraging other town center landowners to develop on their properties. The Spectrum redevelopment, which is not slated for construction in the near future, could add up to 1,442 residential units in seven buildings and office and hotel space in another three buildings. The vision of some community planners is to transform Fountain Drive in town center into a street that would resemble Market Street, the main street in town center’s urban core.