Managing ‘Unique’ Community

Managing ‘Unique’ Community

In October of this year, Milton Matthews will mark four years since taking over the helm of Reston Association (RA) as its Chief Executive Officer. A Virginia native, 54-year-old Matthews was absent from the Old Dominion for 28 years before coming to Reston in 2004.

"There is a uniqueness to Reston," said Matthews, who served as a city manager in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, before coming to Reston and worked in city management in Dallas, Texas. "Living in Reston is like living in a park," he said.

Matthews said Reston’s diversity is what draws him the most to the community. "Diversity of housing stock, the diversity of the demographic makeup of Reston," he said. Meanwhile the community’s open space, he said, is also its not-so-well hidden treasure. "You don’t find 1,350 acres of open space, four lakes, three ponds" in communities of comparable size, said Matthews. He added that Reston is an urban area with offerings of a suburban community. Another feature of Reston that would not be found in other comparable communities, he said, is the stock of 15 swimming pools.

Matthews is inviting all new and prospective residents of Reston to visit RA’s Web site,, and learn about the community that is different from others. He said information about getting involved in the community is also available on the Web site. "Whatever your passion is, we probably have a way you can get involved with that," said Matthews.

The association also provides information in disclosure documents for new homeowners and hosts two Newcomers Nights, events to introduce the community to its new residents, each year. The next Newcomers Night is tentatively scheduled for October. There is also a full-time volunteer coordinator, Ha Brock, on the RA staff. Matthews said RA is working on a new web site that will contain a lot of information and new features. He hopes the web site will be launched some time in October or November of this year.