Art of Photographing

Art of Photographing


Walt Lawrence, Photographer with Maple Fire: The "Maple Fire" image is a branch of a Japanese Maple printed on canvas 40 inches x 60 inches.

This year’s Great Falls Connection Newcomers Guide features a selection of images of the area captured by an award-winning photographer, a long-time Great Falls resident Walt Lawrence. Photos testify to both the beauty of the area and to Lawrence’s artistic explorations. He began photographing his travels around the world over 40 years ago when he was stationed in Morocco with the Navy. Whether shooting images of the people and bazaars of North Africa or the launching and landing of aircraft on carriers in the Mediterranean, he never traveled without his camera. Lawrence’s career afforded him the fortune to live in Paris and Germany and to travel extensively in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East as well as throughout North America. All of this provided ample photographic opportunities. Today he uses a Canon Digital SLR camera exclusively.

Lawrence holds a BA degree in history and government from the University of Maine and an MBA from Stanford and has taken courses in black and white photography. He volunteers at the Great Falls Library and serves as a docent at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. He is a member of Great Falls Studios and The League of Reston Artists and serves on the Boards of Great Falls Studios and Great Falls Foundation for the Arts.

"As a long time resident of Great Falls, I realize that much of the charm and natural beauty of the area has disappeared. However, now that I have retired from one career and am able to concentrate my energies upon another, I am trying to document as much of what remains by developing a collection of images of the Great Falls area. The collection covers the Potomac River and its many moods, the village and its landmarks, the land and its beauty and the wildlife and its innocence. I am continually searching for images from unusual perspectives, in all seasons of the year and under different lighting conditions. I also have a set of images that depicts the beauty of the Outer Banks," Lawrence said.

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