Best of Vienna

Best of Vienna

What are the events and places you recommend to Vienna newcomers?


Master Police Officer Bill Murray


Kim Councell


Betty Lynch


Anna Anderson


Pete Bellaria

<b>Master Police Officer Bill Murray, Lifetime Vienna resident</b>

"A ‘must-see’ events for newcomers are the 4th of July Celebration at Community Center, the Holiday Stroll on Church Street, and the Halloween Parade.

The 4th of July is like a homecoming for anyone that grew up in Vienna. So many folks return and mingle near Waters Field or at the firehouse lot. The bands and greased pole climb, battle of the barrel, and chili cook-off were always my favorite activities. The Halloween Parade is famous even on a national level. All local schools and fire departments participate and the crowd is very energetic. This is a town tradition and it is so great to see grandparents, parents, and children, all return to the same spot on the sidewalk to view the parade.

Lastly, the Holiday Stroll on Church Street epitomizes the small town charm Vienna still maintains. Vienna is a tremendous place to raise children and feel comfortable and neighborly and events like these contribute to that charm."

<b>Kim Councell, 30-year resident, grew up in Vienna</b>

"The Halloween parade, particularly, is a fun event. My daughter was in the parade last year as an Indian princess, and I remember being in the parade myself when I was in first or second grade. I was a fluffy bear.

I lived in Culpeper for three years when I first got married. It was a small town but without the small-town feel. No community events. That’s why we moved back to Vienna. Even though Vienna is a busy town, it retains a small-town, friendly feel. I always see people we know at the 4th of July celebration, too. That’s fun.

I would tell a newcomer to check out the kids’ programs around town, like Jammin’ Java and the pre-schools, and to check out Shillelagh [social travel club]."

<b>Betty Lynch, 32-year resident</b>

"Membership in Shillelagh [Travel Club] is my favorite activity … taking trips, leading trips, and all the social aspects of being in Shillelagh. Everyone is so friendly … many people have been members for years and years. When I first came here, I went to the Community Center. There’s so many things to do in Vienna."

<b>Anna Anderson, 30-year resident</b>

"I think my favorite activity in Vienna is going out to lunch with friends. I like the Marco Polo the best. First thing somebody should do is to go to the Community Center. They tell you what’s going on, and how to make contacts. The Community Center has a very good newsletter.

I used to volunteer with local women’s groups. It’s a good way to meet people. I suggest joining a bridge group if you’re new to Vienna. The Vienna fire station has Bingo weekly. It’s a fundraiser for the fire department. By joining the groups, you support the fire station."

<b>Pete Bellaria, 32-year resident</b>

"I guess the thing I enjoy the most about Vienna is Little League and youth activities. When we moved back to the United States, other people had talked about Vienna’s community programs. The youth orientation is worth emphasizing. The Halloween Parade should be experienced by everyone. It’s a must-do."

<b>Maureen Kammerer, 30+ year resident</b>

"I like the convenience of living in Vienna. It’s close to Wolf Trap and Tysons, and I really like the new Town Green. I bring my grandkids to Freeman House, and we use the W & OD bike path all the time. Vienna is very accessible to downtown D.C., we go to theatres and museums there all the time.

We have four grocery stores, and specialty stores, too, like the Italian Gourmet and the Pie Gourmet. My favorite hair stylist is here in Vienna, at Michel Rene.

I suggest to newcomers to get a library card right away, and use our library. Have breakfast at the VI [Vienna Inn]. Take a tour of Freeman House, and visit the Vienna Arts Center to see the artwork of local artists and to take classes. There’s original artwork for purchase there at the Vienna Arts Center on Pleasant Street."