Public Schools

Public Schools


Great Falls is a home to some of the finest schools in the area. The picture above captured the 2008 Langley High School graduation ceremony.

The Connection will publish back-to-school articles in the weeks before school begins this fall. Open houses, as well as basic staff information and school facts, are listed below. Visit the Fairfax County Public Schools Web site at for more information, as well as links to individual school Web sites.

The schools that Great Falls students attend are in cluster 1 and the Langley High School pyramid.

<b>Forestville Elementary School </b>

Grades: K-6

First opened: 1980

Enrollment: 782

Principal: Matt C. Harris

PTA president: Malia Kishore

Special programs: gifted and talented, special education.

Web site:

Address: 1085 Utterback Store Road, Great Falls

Phone number: 703-404-6000

2008 back-to-school night: not scheduled yet

<b>Great Falls Elementary School </b>

Grades: K-6.

Enrollment: 580

Principal: Earnest Leighty

PTA president: Terri Dungan

Web site:

Address: 701 Walker Road, Great Falls

Phone number: 703-757-2100

2008 back-to-school night: not scheduled yet

<b>Colvin Run Elementary School</b>

Grades: K-6

First opened: 2003

Enrollment: 854

Principal: Stephen Hockett

PTA president: Sarah Kearney

Special programs: gifted and talented program, special education, preschool program.

Web site:

Address: 1400 Trap Road, Vienna

Phone number: 703-757-3000

2008 back-to-school night: preschool and grades K-3, Monday, Sept. 8, 7-9 p.m.; grades 4-6 Tuesday, Sept. 9, 7-9 p.m.

<b>Cooper Middle School</b>

Grades: 7-8

First opened: 1962

Enrollment: 946

Principal: Arlene Randall

PTA president:

Special programs: Japanese immersion, autism program, honors instead of gifted and talented.

Web site:

Address: 977 Balls Hill Road, McLean

Phone number: 703-442-5800

Guidance: 703-442-5812

2008 back-to-school night: not scheduled yet

<b>Langley High School</b>

Grades: 9-12

First opened: 1965

Enrollment: 2100

Principal: Matt Ragone

PTA presidents: Laura Mendelsohn and Michelle Shaw

Special programs: business/school partnership with PRC/Litton Corp.; peer tutoring program; block scheduling two days per week; education and cultural exchange program with Russia, Germany and England (Oxford University); autism program; ESOL; special education.

Web site:,

Address: 6520 Georgetown Pike, McLean

Phone number: 703-287-2700

2008 back-to-school night: not yet scheduled