Back to the Past

Back to the Past

Antique show recalls bygone days.

The Vienna Community Center hosted Ginny Johnson’s 40-year-running antique show from Feb. 22-24. Dealers came from as far south as Georgia, and as far north as New York. American cut glass from 1900, jewelry, linens, and porcelain were abundant. Scattered about were some 100-year-old post cards and a few toys crafted in Europe.

"I like antiques," said Sarah Huffman. "Especially the stuff from early 1900s. Antiques from 1904 are my favorite."

Sarah is nine years old, a student at Freedom Hill Elementary School. Sarah’s teacher exposed her to the American Girl book series, and young Sarah was enthralled. Samantha, Sarah’s favorite character, lived in 1904.

Vienna resident Ilene Gast enjoys coming to the Community Center antique show. She looks up vendors she refers to as her friends, usually purchasing costume jewelry from Vienna antique dealer, Kathy Antal. Antal owned "Just Like New" for more than 30 years in Vienna, and recently retired to dedicate herself to occasional shows.

"I come to this show because it’s close to my house and it’s small enough to manage," said Gast.

Sarah toured the show with her parents, Sue and Mark Huffman, Vienna residents who own a gallery in Georgetown, "Sands of Time." Sue said she saw the banner for the antiques show across Maple Avenue, and because the family loves antiques, thought they would come to see what was here.

"We didn’t come for anything in particular," said Huffman. "But you never know what you’re going to find."

Sarah found toys.

<1b>— Donna Manz