Swim Report, July 2: Vienna, Oakton

Swim Report, July 2: Vienna, Oakton

<b>Westwood Country Club</b>

On June 21, Westwood Country Club defeated Mount Vernon Country Club, 337-116, making their season record 2-0. Four-event winners for Westwood included Matt Callahan, Tom Fenninger, Laura Kellan, and Audrey Kellan. All four are undefeated for the season. Triple-event winners for Westwood included Natalie Brendsel, Chase Barrand, and Zach Roeder. Double winners for Westwood were Krissy O'Malley and Lyana Katz

<b>Shouse Village</b>

Shouse Village defeated Walden Glen, 204-197, on June 21 in a very exciting Division 9 NVSL meet. The outcome of the meet was decided in the final relay event of the day. Double winners for Shouse Village were Sinead Eksteen, Owen Pilewski, MJ Minutoli, Annie Springsteen, Jessica Goodman and John Howard Sidman. Sidman set a new team record in the boys 15-18 backstroke with a time of 29.63 seconds. During Shouse Village's annual Boys vs. Girls Time Trials meet the prior week, Annie Springsteen set new team records for 11-12 year old girls in all four strokes. Her time of 30.00 in the 50-meter freestyle broke a 25-year-old record time of 30.70, and her time of 35.12 in the 50-meter backstroke broke a 21-yearp-old record by almost one second. Springsteen’s other record setting times were 38.53 in 50-meter breaststroke, and 33.53 in 50-meter butterfly.

<b>Vienna Woods</b>

In a competitive, back and forth meet that came down to the relays, Tuckahoe won, 213-189, at Vienna Woods on June 21. Double winners for Vienna Woods were Will Ashe, Michael Luciani, Evan Owens, Madison Phillips, Zack Risseeuw, and Reilly Rourke. Double winners for Tuckahoe were Claire Greene, Eva Greene, Megan Howard, and Brendan Whipkey.

<b>Hunter Mill</b>

In their first dual meet of the 2008 season, Hunter Mill downed Donaldson Run 219-183 in NVSL Division 2. Double winners for the host Sharks were Zachary Dickson, Jordan Myles, Chandler Rouse, Cyrus Hashemi, Sean Fletcher and Eric Kim.

<b>Cardinal Hill </b>

Cardinal Hill defeated Villa Aquatic, 224-178, in NVSL Division 5 action on June 21. Double winners for Cardinal Hill were Garrett Smith, Connor Smith, Grayson Smith, Kelsey Gaydos and Ali Queen. Single winners were Alex Pennington, Ana Fernandez, Jack Vance, Jessica Lussier, Adam Pennington, Beckey Shaak, Ian Russiello and Ben Caprio.

<b>Oakton </b>

Fairfax Station defeated the Oakton Otters, 228 to 174, in the opening swim meet of the season on June 21. Winners for the Otters were Matthew Bocharmikov, Michael Ambrose, Kenny Newcomer, Kathleen Smith, Joshua Wolf, Jamie Liddell, Jacob Thompson, Laura Branton and Carter Sharer. The Otters had a strong showing in the relays, winning seven out of 12 relays.

<b>Cardinal Hill Dive</b>

In NVSL Division 1 diving, Cardinal Hill started their season off with a win against Chesterbrook of McLean on June 24. For freshman boys, Bryce Shelton won and Erik Sahlgren came in third. Maxine Nussbaum won freshman girls. Morgan Stahl and Sydney Shelton took first and second for junior girls and Reed Albrittian won junior boys. Annie Greenwood, Kacey Ford and Maddie O'Beirne took first, second, and third respectively for intermediate girls. Jack Albrittain won intermediate boys while Zach Stahl took second. Max Anderson was third in senior boys.

<b>Dunn Loring Dive</b>

The Dunn Loring Dolphins defeated the Sideburn Sharks, 39-32, in their exciting NVSL Division 1 diving debut. The Dolphins' first place winners were Mary Hagopian, Kelly Corish, Jimbo Briody and Cassie Self. Chelsea Taylor, Emily Reinhart, Katherine Van Winkle, Patrick Reed and Maureen Reed finished second in their respective divisions. Third place Dolphin divers were Audrey Van Winkle, Neal McElhattan, David Tecala and Jeff Cazenas. The team is coached by Shea Manning, assisted by his sister Caroline Manning with additional help from divers Cassie Self and Maureen Reed.

<b>Cardinal Hill</b>

The Cardinal Hill swim team lost to Mansion House, 213-189, in NVSL action on June 28. Double winners for Cardinal Hill were Scott Carpenter, Adam Pennington, Connor Smith, Grayson Smith and Kelsey Gaydos. Single winners include Kirsten Knauf, Jessica Lussier, Alex Pennington, Aidan Wheeler, Caroline Kehoe, Ali Queen and Scott LeDuc.

<b>Vienna Woods</b>

Vienna Woods was defeated by Fairfax Station, 250-152, on June 28. Double winners for Vienna Woods were Will Ashe, Michael Luciani, and Evan Owens. Single winners for Vienna Woods were Megan Plombon, Sidney Owens, Madison Phillips, Grayson Campbell, Hayley Schaefer, Libby Mosher and Jill Miner. Both Jill Miner and Libby Mosher were surprise winners in lane one. The meet was Libby Mosher’s first NVSL A Meet.


The Oakton Otters upset Donaldson Run, 224-178, in NVSL Division 2 action on June 28. Double winners for the Otters were Jamie Liddell, Michael Ambrose and Kathleen Smith. Otters Michael Ambrose, Brendan Power and Gil Osofsky swept in boys 9-10 butterfly. The Otters finished strong, winning nine out of 12 relays.

<b>Westwood Country Club</b>

On June 28, the Westwood Country Club Whirlwinds defeated International Country Club 286-228.5. The undefeated Whirlwinds (3- 0), face Lowes Island Country Club (also undefeated) on July 12, in what is sure to be a close meet which will likely determine the League Champion. Four-event winners for Westwood were Matt Callahan, Kayla O'Malley, Laura Kellan and Bohe Hosking. Callahan and Kellan remain undefeated, each after 12 individual events this season. Triple-event winners were Tom Fenninger and Zach Roeder.

The Westwood 9-18 mixed age girls 200 freestyle relay set a new Westwood team record and just missed the league record with a time of 2:07.88. The relay team members were Audrey Kellan (10), Laura Kellan (12), Natalie Brendsel (13), and Kayla O'Malley (17).