Local Musician Performs

Local Musician Performs

Andy Zipf is a singer/songwriter who is scheduled to play at The Birchmere in Alexandria Tuesday, July 29. Zipf, who actually resides in Arlington, is going to be performing with Joshua Radin and Alexa Wilkinson. The multi-talented artist was able to talk about his music and his upcoming show at The Birchmere.

<b>Introduce yourself:</b>

My name is Andy Zipf. I'm a singer songwriter from the Washington, D.C. area (originally from the mid-west), and I've been playing around here for four or five years. I'm looking forward to playing The Birchmere with Joshua Radin on July 29.

<b>How did you get your start in music and if applicable how did you form the group?</b>

I grew up surrounded by music. My mom taught piano and voice at home, and she taught me some chords on her little nylon-string folk guitar when I was twelve or thirteen. I knew shortly after that I wanted to make this my life. I just didn't know how I was going to get there. That was just a minor detail.

<b>How long have you been performing?</b>

About ten years.

<b>What is it that you love about performing?</b>

Music is about connection and escape for me. I love to connect with an audience.

<b>What is your best memory when it comes to music?</b>

There are so many. One that stands out to me is when my grandpa (a songwriter himself) bought me my first guitar. He said, "A musician should have his own instrument". Up until that time, I was borrowing a friend's.

<b>Where is your favorite place to play, either publicly or privately?</b>

My favorite place to play is where people are coming to listen. I think it goes without saying that The Birchmere is that kind of venue.

<b>Best compliment about a performance? </b>

Someone told me once that it felt like they were part of the music, and the songs were just for them after a show. For a songwriter, that was a huge compliment. If someone can relate enough to feel that way, I have done what I intended to do.

<b>What is your favorite piece of music and why. </b>

Wow. I honestly don't know if I can choose one. Lately, I've had "Sonho Dourado" by Daniel Lanois on repeat in my iTunes. There are no words, but the song is so beautiful. I think my favorite song changes with time. Certain ones remind me of different moments.

<b>Who would you love to play with? Why?</b>

Tom Petty, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Radiohead, The Verve, Travis, U2, Daniel Lanois, Sigur Ros, My Morning Jacket, Spoon, The Arcade Fire, Band of Horses because they are my heroes, or they are playing music that I believe in.

<b>Describe your sound:</b>

I like to think it's a throw back to the singer songwriters of the 60s and 70s, with a modern spin and my story attached.

<b>Biggest musical influences: </b>

Radiohead, The Verve, U2, Tom Petty, The Beach Boys and Sigur Ros.

<b>Other influences:</b>

Ayn Rand, J.R.R. Tolkien and Clint Eastwood

<b>Where have you toured?</b>

I've toured in thirty-seven of the states and a couple shows in Canada. I'm working on getting to the UK and Europe.

<b>Anything special about the upcoming show?</b>

This is my first time playing The Birchmere. I've had my sights set on it for quite some time, so I'm really looking forward to this show. Joshua Radin and Alexa Wilkinson are talented singer songwriters. I'm happy to be a part of the bill.

<b>Future plans:</b>

I am working on a new collection of songs right now, which will be available at my Web site at www.andyzipf.com.

<b>Would you like to add anything?</b>

Thanks, Kevin.

Andy Zipf