Gunston Students in Reflections Contest

Gunston Students in Reflections Contest


Congratulations to these Gunston Elementary School students who are participants in the PTA Reflections Contest. (Back row, from left): Tomas Tesfeldt, Kaci Wertz, Victoria Dravis, Amanda Goldman and Jona Roka. (Front row, from left): Cassidy Donaghy, Frank Hutson, Aubrey Hutson, Casey Pollard and Jayla Muse. Not pictured: Katie Welch.

Every child at Gunston Elementary School was encouraged to submit works of art to the PTA Reflections Contest. This year’s theme was "I Can Make a Difference By ..." Work was accepted in the following areas: Literature, Musical Composition, Photography and Visual Arts. This year, Gunston had 12 submissions in a variety of categories, including photography and music. The participants were:

Jayla Muse — Grade 3

Amanda Goldman — Grade 2

Jonah Barnett — Grade 2

Victoria Dravis — Grade 6

Tomas Tesfaldt — Grade 5

Kaci Wertz — Grade 6

Jona Roka — Grade 4

Katie Welch — Grade 5

Aubrey Hutson — Grade 3

Frank Hutson — Grade 1

Casey Pollard — Grade 3

Cassidy Donaghy — Grade 2

Tomas Tesfaldt was honored with an Award of Excellence for his musical submission and Victoria Dravis and Jonah Barnett also received Awards of Merit for their musical and visual art works.