Pickin’ Weekend Delight

Pickin’ Weekend Delight

Twenty feet of barbecue chicken grilling outside, with the smell wafting over everyone and a plethora of bluegrass bands play. This is what Clyde’s barbecue and music festival, Chicken and Pickin’, taking place June 21-22 is all about said one of the event's organizers, barbecue pit builder and Clyde’s executive vice president, Tom Myer. The two-day festival is going to feature all day music, grilled chicken and plenty of chances to explore the completely reconstructed Willow Creek Farm.

"We just wanted to have some fun. We are building a big 20-foot-long barbecue pit so we’ll be cooking outside in a unique way. We use to do these festival years ago and it’s really neat because we cook it outside right in front of everybody," Myer said.

THE GRILL WILL be a special construction made just for the festival and will be grilling up half chickens marinated in a special sauce from Clyde’s by the chefs at Willow Creek Farm. The marinade isn’t the traditional-style barbecue, but Myer guarantees it is delicious. The grill is constructed with special grates that let the chicken be turned easily and crowds usually gather around to watch the chefs do their work. There will be other barbecue favorites for children like hot dogs and Clyde’s will be supplying their own soda.

"I make my own sodas. They're called Dr. Clyde’s Sodas and they come in plenty of flavors so we hope people will try those," Myer said. "We’ll also have beer and wine, and other soft drinks for the kids and stuff."

For music, the festival organizers wanted a down-home picnic feeling so they have chosen area bluegrass bands to perform while people watch and eat outside. The bands will be pickin’ throughout the day and diners can sit out on the patio or the grass and have a picnic while enjoying the music. People are encouraged to bring blankets to sit on and children are encouraged to come.

"The Sol Creech Band is playing on Sunday and then there is going to be Jamie Potter who is great and the Lisa Kay Band who are some great pickers and mandolin players," Myer said.

TOURS OF the Willow Creek Farm property will also be available for those interested. The history of the design of Clyde's Willow Creek Farm goes back to the early 1980s, when Clyde's Restaurant Group purchased a series of antique heavy timber structures that had been destined for the wrecking ball. These structures were disassembled and put in storage. When the opportunity for a new restaurant in Broadlands arose Clyde’s used the four original antique buildings and reassembled, connected and restored them with various reproduced ells. The main point of the festival, however, will be to spend the time outside with family and friends.

"Everything is going to be outside and we’re going to use the outdoor patio and the grass around and people can sit on the grass with blankets or up on the patio. It’s just going to be a great picnic setting," Myer said.

The festival runs from 12-10 p.m., June 21, and 12-7 p.m., June 22. Entrance is free. Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm is located at 42920 Broadlands Blvd., Broadlands. Call 571-209-1200.