West Potomac Indoor Drumlines Excels at IAI Championships

West Potomac Indoor Drumlines Excels at IAI Championships

The West Potomac High School Indoor Drumline competed last weekend in their second Atlantic Indoor Association Championship. This competition plays host to all of the indoor drumlines in both Virginia and North Carolina. This year the group was competing for the first time in the "A" class, which has an impressive 22 units.

During prelim's on Saturday the A class was taken down from 22 groups to only 10 which would perform on Sunday. The class was divided into two groups of 11 each and there would be three automatic qualifiers from each group and then the next four highest scores regardless of group would make it in. West Potomac finished .2 behind an automatic qualification in the first round and had to sweat it out for the rest of the day as group after group went on. The team ended up finishing in the eighth position when all the dust had settled and were in the A class finals for the first time ever!

West Potomac performed third that day out of the 10 groups due to their eighth-place seeding. The kids knew that we had nothing to lose and the only goal was to have a good showing and possibly move up a few spots. West Potomac was named the 2008 A Class Bronze Medalist for AIA! The group jumped up five places in one day to secure a medal.

This was a HUGE step in the Indoor Drumline's program. The band has now medaled both of two years at AIA finals — once in Novice and now in A class.

<b>Adam Foreman </b>

Associate Band Director — West Potomac High School