West Springfield Gets Wet and Wild


Soaking his sponge in water, Phillip Ryan waits for the whistle to begin the sponge toss. The main goal of the event was to throw the sopping sponge as far as possible and see who could get it the furthest.


Concentrating on his next step, Will Hogdon races his classmates in the ski competition. "The ski event is a bit of a challenge because it’s hard to move. It works out your legs," said third-grader Chris Bush.


Discussing team strategy, Reilly Kimberly, Owais Khan, Emalie Snowdall, and Julian Binoya get ready to participate in the horse relay races. Like the other equipment used in the events, local neighbors donated the wooden horses to the school.

As athletes in Beijing prepare for their Olympics debut, so did the 250 teachers, volunteers and students at West Springfield Elementary for their special-themed Olympics field day event on Friday, June 6. The games began with a traditional torch ceremony, ran by selected students from each class. The classes were organized as if they were nations and sang pre-rehearsed competitive chants. "The students have been practicing for weeks in P.E. class for today, so they’re ready," said third grade teacher, Nicci Giehll. Throughout the main field, 11 stations were set up, all representing different areas of the big games, including soccer, basketball, baseball and high jump.

<b>Janet Weinstein</b>