Bishop Ireton Has Cappies Nominees

The "Sewing Factory Girls" from Bishop Ireton's "The Pajama Game" were nominated for Cappies Awards in the Best Ensemble in a Musical category. Receiving Cappies nominations for Choreography were Andrea Borrelli (front far right) and Celine Daubresse (back middle). Also nominated were Meghan Palmer and Emily O’Connell for Returning Critics, as well as the Critic Team from the school. The Best Costumes nominees were Hannah Goldman and Marianna Oppman. The Props and Effects nominees were Clara Candalor, Raymond Curry and Will Sefton. The Cappie Awards will be presented Sunday, June 8 at The Kennedy Center. (Front row, from left): The "Sewing Factory Girls" Meghan Palmer, Gabrielle Kuhn, Carly Maalouf, Andrea Borrelli. (Back row): Nicole Weinard, Carolyn Darville, Celine Daubresse, Joanna Faletti, and Rosie Grant.