Hayfield High in the News

Hayfield High in the News

At the Heritage Festival in Chicago, the Hayfield Music Department had a banner day. Both choirs, under the direction of Walter Krushinski, earned gold ratings. Carrie New's Festival Orchestra earned a high silver rating and the Chamber Orchestra earned a gold rating. The Symphonic Band earned a high silver rating while the Wind Ensemble earned a gold rating. The Wind Ensemble also earned an "adjudicators trophy" for a score above 92 (out of 100). Additionally, the choirs earned "best choirs" award and all the groups (band, choir, and orchestra) earned a combined score high enough to win the "Festival Sweepstakes" trophy. This is the second year in a row for this award for Hayfield's outstanding Music Department, which is directed by Pat Burke.

Mary Ammann and Jane Thurston, members of the Hayfield Secondary Media Center Staff, received the Fairfax County Public Schools Outstanding Performance Awards. Their nominations for this award cited their long association with Hayfield (Mrs. Ammann since 1988 and Mrs. Thurston since 1996), as well as their skills and knowledge of library practices which they use to provide outstanding service to the students and staff at Hayfield.

The Educational Testing Service has chosen a number of Hayfield teachers to be graders (readers) for Advanced Placement exams this year. The teachers are Virginia Balsam (Psychology), Monte Bourjaily (U.S. Government), Lynne Dubin (US History), Ken Halla (U.S. Government); Matt Mough (World History), Dena Soled who was chosen as a table leader (US History), Jihoon Shin (World History) and Mary Spatz (Biology).

At the FCPS Regional Science Fair, Hayfield had a great deal of success. Samantha Dodbele was a grand prize winner in environmental management for her project titled "Microbial Bioconversion of Varying Concentrations." Also winning a grade prize was Connie Chee and Nikita Dodbele in physics and astronomy for their "Aspects of Motor Vehicles on Rippled Roads." First-place winners were: Kevin Andrews and Greg Hyde – "Computer Science - Creating an Effective School Schedule,": Joanna Holman, Meredith Pilcher and Jonathan Pilcher – "Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering - Different Insulation Materials on Heat Transfer;" Miriam Hashemi and Agnes Mohan – "Medicine and Health - Astaxanthin and High Fat Diet on Weight Loss;" Riley Conroy and Daniel Mun – "Physics & Astronomy - Moon's Distance from Earth on its Vacillation" and Megan Burley, Katherine Drakeley, and Michele Moneyhun –"Plant Science - Effect of Radiation on Plant Germination."

<b>— Ken Halla, Bulletin Coordinator</b>

<b> Bill Oehrlein, Ph.D., Principal</b>