Joke's on Loudoun

Joke's on Loudoun

April Fool's Day offers fun throughout Loudoun

There comes a day every year when whoopee cushions are socially acceptable, when pulling a prank on someone is the normal behavior, when adults get to act like children. That day is, of course, April 1, better known as April Fool�s day and there are plenty of ways for the young and old to celebrate it.

"I think people young and old like to be foolish and silly so April Fool�s day lets us do that. I�m already thinking of what pranks I get to pull on my co-workers," said Anne Lee, the youth service librarian at Sterling Library.

STERLING AND Ashburn libraries will be offering April Fool�s day events for young children both involving crafts and games and even a few practical jokes. Children ages 6-10 who attend the Sterling Library, 120 Enterprise St., event will get to learn a little bit about the history of the holiday and how it is celebrated around the world. They will also get to hear some stories about famous tricksters throughout history and make a prank craft that children can take home.

At the Ashburn Library, 43316 Hay Road, crafts and jokes will abound, too. Children, ages 7-10, will be able to participate in a plethora of activities including crafts and songs.

"We�re going to celebrate April Fool�s day with jokes, silly songs, silly stories and we�re going to make some fools hats to as a craft," said Heather Katron, who is the youth service librarian at Ashburn Library.

BUT ALL THE fun doesn�t have to go to the children. Parents are welcome to stick around and play at both events. Even those who are only young at heart can have some fun as the Senior Center at Cascades will be holding a special luncheon for it�s membership.

"We�ve never done anything like this before. We�re having a luncheon where we plan on having our membership come in dressed up wearing silly hats or costumes or other funny things," said Erik Onate a center assistant adding, "We just want to have a day where we can give ourselves a day to be silly and parade around with jokes and humor and laugh a little bit."

While the roots of April Fool�s day are unclear, with the tradition stretching back for hundreds of years, what is clear is that everyone likes to have fun. The funny clothes, practical jokes and tricks are all part of letting ourselves go a little says Onate.

"It�s the one chance where you can actually play jokes on people and hopefully they won�t get upset. It�s a day where you can just have fun and be foolish and silly," said Katron.