Blair Finishes Seventh In Parkway Classic 10 Miler

Alexandria’s Ian Blair finished seventh in the George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Mile race, which was held April 27. The 36-year-old Kearns finished in 59:44, more than 10 minutes behind top-overall finisher Worku Beyi.

Alexandria’s Ricky Welborn, 37, finished ninth, just 72 seconds behind Blair. He finished in 1:00:56. Ken Riggsbee, 43, placed 18th, finishing in 1:02.49.

Carolyne Davidson, 29, was the top-Alexandria based female finisher, placing 170th overall. She ran a 1:12:44 and was the 17th among females. Jennifer Cannan, 30, finished in the top-200 with a 1:13.34.

Cynthia Morgan, 41, ran a 1:14:12, and finished third among women in the masters age category.

Other notable runners included 14-year-old Kevin Prescott (1:12:09), 44-year-old Mary Anne Burk (1:17:40), 40-year-old Regina McNamara (1:18.43), 46-year-old Cori Asaka (1:17.40), 50-year-old David Vecera (1:06.16), 55-year-old Judy Ferrier (1:23.03) — all of who finished in the top three of their age categories.

Of the top-100 overall finishers, 28 were Alexandria-based residents. That significantly beat second-place Arlington, which trailed with only 18 runners in the top-100.

Beginning at the Mount Vernon Estate and finishing in Old Town, Alexandria, the Parkway Classic is the only race with permission to shut down the south-bound George Washington Parkway. The race began in 1984.