Blair Finishes Seventh In Parkway Classic 10 Miler

Blair Finishes Seventh In Parkway Classic 10 Miler

Alexandria’s Ian Blair finished seventh in the George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Mile race, which was held April 27. The 36-year-old Kearns finished in 59:44, more than 10 minutes behind top-overall finisher Worku Beyi.

Alexandria’s Ricky Welborn, 37, finished ninth, just 72 seconds behind Blair. He finished in 1:00:56. Ken Riggsbee, 43, placed 18th, finishing in 1:02.49.

Carolyne Davidson, 29, was the top-Alexandria based female finisher, placing 170th overall. She ran a 1:12:44 and was the 17th among females. Jennifer Cannan, 30, finished in the top-200 with a 1:13.34.

Cynthia Morgan, 41, ran a 1:14:12, and finished third among women in the masters age category.

Other notable runners included 14-year-old Kevin Prescott (1:12:09), 44-year-old Mary Anne Burk (1:17:40), 40-year-old Regina McNamara (1:18.43), 46-year-old Cori Asaka (1:17.40), 50-year-old David Vecera (1:06.16), 55-year-old Judy Ferrier (1:23.03) — all of who finished in the top three of their age categories.

Of the top-100 overall finishers, 28 were Alexandria-based residents. That significantly beat second-place Arlington, which trailed with only 18 runners in the top-100.

Beginning at the Mount Vernon Estate and finishing in Old Town, Alexandria, the Parkway Classic is the only race with permission to shut down the south-bound George Washington Parkway. The race began in 1984.