Getting To Know ...

Getting To Know ...

Jeremiah M. Caven, new assistant principal at Twain Middle School.


Jeremiah M. Caven

Burke resident Jeremiah M. Caven became Twain Middle School’s eighth-grade principal at the end of September. He replaced Cheyl Katzenell, who was named Twain’s assistant principal of special education in August.

Here, Caven answers a few questions as a way to introduce himself to the greater Springfield community.

<b>Number of years in the community.

</b>Moved to Northern Virginia in 2001, currently reside in Burke. Taught at Hayfield Secondary in Alexandria, from 2001-2007; administrative internship at Sandburg Middle in Alexandria through LEAD Fairfax program, a leadership development program within FCPS, 2007-08.


</b>Youngest of six, parents live in Williamsburg. Married to Emily Caven since May 2006.


</b>B.A. from University of Virginia,1999; M. Ed. from James Madison University, 2001.

<b>Your first job.

</b>Teaching seventh grade science at Hayfield.


</b>Mountain biking, golf, hiking, anything outdoors.

<b>Favorite local restaurants.

</b>Sweetwater, Five Guys.

<b>When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

</b>Wasn’t sure until college that education was my passion and where I’d end up. But, I’ve always been driven by helping others reach their potential.

<b>Personal goals.

</b>Continue to support the community and student learning in the best way possible. Helping students and parents take advantage of the vast opportunities that FCPS offers.

<b>How did you begin working in the education field?

</b>Volunteering to help middle school drum lines in Charlottesville, Va.

<b>What, in your opinion, is the most important issue facing middle-school-aged children today?

</b>Actualizing potential. Understanding how their actions affect others and that they have the ability to make meaningful differences in our community. They are our leaders of tomorrow and have immeasurable potential to make a positive impact upon the world.

<b>What do you enjoy most about your job?

</b>Every day is different and brings new challenges. Every day we have an opportunity to positively influence children and uncap hidden potential within our students.