Recruit Me: Andersons Maintain Perspective

Recruit Me: Andersons Maintain Perspective


A senior linebacker on Centreville’s football team, Holland Anderson, in order to showcase himself, recently attended the Nike Football Combine in Baltimore on Wednesday, March 28.

Dan Anderson, whose son, Holland Anderson, plays linebacker for the Centreville football team, has tried to find a steady mix. The Andersons did fly to San Antonio over New Year’s for the U.S. Army National combine, which included 500 of the top juniors from across the country.

But the father still wants the sport to be fun for his son, an approach that has led the Andersons to attend only three high-level combines: the U.S. Army National, the Nike Combine and the Schuman Underclassman Camp. Still, Dan Anderson said that his investment in his son’s recruitment has cost more than $4,000 to date.

“You can’t overwhelm them and it’s got to continue to be fun,” Dan Anderson said. “You have to have a balance, and you have to pick two, three or four camps and that’s it. It really comes down to which ones invite you because anybody can go and pay their money.”

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