Park Plans and Recreation

Park Plans and Recreation

Park Plans

* Sully Woodlands: In the largest planning process ever undertaken by the Fairfax County Park Authority, an all-encompassing vision was created for some 4,400 acres of parkland in the Bull Run and Cub Run watersheds.

This includes the Sully Woodlands Regional Master Plan, dealing with about 2,150 acres of parkland in western Fairfax County, plus another 2,250 acres of existing parkland encompassing the Cub Run Stream Valley, and Ellanor C. Lawrence and Richard W. Jones parks.

The Park Authority is creating a system of park areas joined by green space and trails. Detailed information about the project may be found at

The finished product will also coordinate with ongoing Cub Run and Bull Run watershed planning efforts to protect and restore the county's streams and watersheds. The Park Authority has already identified areas containing natural and cultural resources to be protected and managed, as well as places appropriate for development.