Read Across Ramsay


Ms. Madon and Ms. Murphy’s 2nd and 3rd graders take turns reading to each other in the "Read Across Ramsay" last Friday.


"The Cat in the Hat" joins reading buddies in Ms. Madon’s second grade classroom.


Kathy Taylor, principal at William Ramsay Elementary School, looks up from reading with the students in surprise as a special visitor, "The Cat in the Hat" joins the class.

Friday morning, students at William Ramsay Elementary School celebrated the creator of "The Cat in the Hat," Dr. Seuss, on his 105th birthday. All of the students participated in a "Read Across Ramsay Day." Each class selected a book, story or poem to read. The classes were then paired with another class at a different grade level. The students broke into buddy groups with second graders reading to third graders, kindergartners with fourth grader. The children took turns reading to each other.

The activities continued into the evening with a Family Reading Night. Stories were read and listened to, a special Bingo game called Reado was set up for all to play and art supplies were available for students to make posters illustrating their favorite books.