The Nightmare on Split Oak Lane

Brothers prepare to spook Burke neighbors with haunted yard.


From left are Chris, Andrew, Lila, Mark, Jeff, and Daniel Nelson at last year’s haunted lawn. Andrew, Daniel and Chris are brothers, Mark and Lila are their parents. Jeff is our cousin. Not pictured is Ken Kanashiro, the fourth member of the team and the unofficial fourth brother.


A crypt decorates the 2008 haunted yard.


A fog rolls in, setting a spooky atmosphere.


Nothing says Have a Happy Halloween quite like a burning jack-o’-lantern

Continuing a Halloween tradition, a Burke family is once again setting out to scare their neighbors with their annual haunted yard.

The Nelson family has been setting up their haunted yard for a decade. The operation is primarily run by Chris Nelson, his my brothers Andrew and Daniel, and their friend Ken Kanashiro.

The siblings’ parents pitch in too, but they leave the creative control to the three brothers and their friend. Their house and the haunted yard are located at 10825 Split Oak Lane in The Oaks community of Burke.