Five questions with Episcopal pitcher George Reefer

Five questions with Episcopal pitcher George Reefer

<b>Q: You’re from Kansas City, Mo. How did you end up at Episcopal?</b>

A: My brother went here and he transferred to Episcopal as a sophomore and my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to do the same.

<b>Q: What’s the experience been like being far away from home?</b>

A: It’s not that bad of an adjustment. I’ve gone to camps before, been away from home, so it really hasn’t been that bad.

<b>Q: Who is your favorite pro team or player?</b>

A: [The] Kansas City Royals. [Starting pitcher] Zack Greinke is my favorite player. Hopefully we’ll get to keep him a couple more years before he goes to the Yankees.

<b>Q: What’s your favorite food?</b>

A: Steak (rare) and pasta.

<b>Q: Who is your favorite music artist?</b>

A: 2Pac. I think he was a musician and he revolutionized the rap industry.

— Jon Roetman