Video: Bruins Dealing With Growing Pains

Video: Bruins Dealing With Growing Pains

With only two seniors on the roster, Lake Braddock's softball team looks to develop youth for future seasons.

The final score of the Lake Braddock girls' softball teams match with South County on April 7 might have read 8-0, but the loss came with glimpses of the considerable upside that the young program possesses.

For four innings, the Bruins held the line with a bend-don't-break defense that kept the Stallions scoreless until the South County bats heated up in the fifth inning.

Plus, freshman Mallory Gerndt's diving catch to end an inning and the team’s defense demonstrated that the girls wouldn't lie down in the face of stiff opposition.

“A lot can be learned from games like these," Gerndt said. "A loss like this teaches us to focus on the things we didn’t do well and to build on our mistakes.”

Entering the match with South County, the Bruins had a 1-6 record, the lone victory coming from a 10-1 win over West Springfield on March 25.

The team is now 3-7 after winning two games versus Langley and Edison.

Despite a tough outing with South County, Gerndt said the team is finding positives in their play.

“[The tougher games] brings us closer together as a team," she said.

Closeness is something the Bruins will need now and in the future.

With only two seniors on the 2010 roster and playing in the tough Patriot District, the Lake Braddock girls will need to grow together as a team if they want to succeed.

Sophomore Kelly Plescow recognized the importance of the team's growth and isn't discouraged by the growing pains the Bruins are facing.

“The best part about this team is the girls and how close we are with each other,” said Plescow. “We have plenty of room to grow this season into the next.”

For now, the Bruins will continue to work on the little aspects of the game that add up to wins — hitting, getting on base and more player development.

Head coach George Rumore said he saw some of those elements come together in their loss to South County.

"We played five really good innings," he said. "But could not finish."

The Bruins’ next softball game is at home on Friday, April 16, at 6:30 p.m. against Lee.

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Filmed and edited by Reed S. Albers