A Place That Has it All and More

A Place That Has it All and More

With shops, a theater and restaurants, Fairfax Corner has become a nearby entertainment mecca.

Fairfax Corner has become a destination for those looking for a night out or a place to spend time with family members. Retail outlets, restaurants, a 14-theater cinema, live music on weekends, a fountain, and plenty of parking are all offered. The site provides a lively atmosphere perfect for an evening of entertainment with family and friends.

“It’s a great place to take a date”, said Eric Waddon of Fairfax Station.

John Foley of Fairfax Corner took his children to play in the fountain. “We come to play in the fountain, the kids seem to like it,” he said.

Mike Miller and his daughter Simone of Fairfax were enjoying the live music before having dinner at Coastal Flats directly behind the stage. “We come here for the movie theater a lot. I would definitely recommend it for other people, I meet up with my friends here sometimes,” he said.

Victor Zapata of Manassas was watching his daughter playing in the fountain. “I come once a month,” he said. “I like the movie theater and Uncle Julio’s. Now that my daughter likes this fountain area, I’ll probably be coming here more often.” Aure Slivinski was sitting on a bench. “I usually come during the day to the spa,” she said. “My favorite place is the grille. There are always people here. It’s great they have a cinema. There’s nice stores and nice restaurants.

Fairfax Corner has a calendar of special events that include live music, karaoke nights, farmers’ markets and more.