All Aboard

All Aboard

Take a ride on the Burke Lake train.

Burke Lake’s miniature train is fun for the whole family and a favorite for parents with young children.

“I really, really like riding the train,” Ally Hamilton, 6, said. “It’s fun and it’s fast. It’s really fun.”

The train, which has been running for 38 years is an inexpensive and enjoyable activity. A ticket for this local locomotive is just $2.25 per person. The train follows a 1.75-mile track at speeds of 10 to 12 miles per hour making for a comfortable 10-minute ride.

Marshall Park from Fairfax was visiting the train for the first time with his wife and child.

“It’s really nice,” he said. “It was fun.”

Passengers waiting for the train to return to the station can walk on over to the ice cream parlor for refreshments or take a ride on the carousel next the train station for just $1.50. Stop by anytime of the day to catch one of the 26 rounds the train makes per day. The train is one of the many attractions at Burke Lake Park located at 7315 Ox Road in Fairfax Station, Virginia. For more information on the train visit