Take the Train

Take the Train

Burke residents have two VRE stations where they can catch a train to Washington, D.C.

Commuters have several options to get from the suburbs to downtown Washington, D.C. While Burke does not have a Metro station, a Fairfax Connector bus runs through Lake Braddock to the Pentagon Station. Slug lines are also available for travelers who prefer to car pool. One can also drive into the city, if they are able to brave the traffic. Finally, for those who live further away from the metropolitan area, there is the Amtrak train. The Virginia Railway Express (VRE) in Burke can get someone to D.C in under 40 minutes.

“I’ve been commuting on the VRE since 2003. I used to have to drive at least 20 minutes to get to the Vienna Metro. This is just superior,” said commuter Dale Erickson of Burke who commutes to Crystal City.

Two VRE stations that offer commuters a more relaxed environment as opposed to the hustle and bustle of some Metro cars service the Burke community. The Burke Centre VRE Station is located just off Guinea Road at 10399 Premier Court. The Rolling Road Station is located at 9016 Burke Road.

“People are much more relaxed. You sometimes feel like a milkshake on the Metro with all the screeching. And the ridership is friendly,” said Erickson.

Convenience is key to many people who commute to and from D.C. The VRE is in a central location to many people in the Burke and Fairfax communities. “It’s close to home and in the springtime I can walk here, which I like. It’s really convenient,” said commuter Marina Chu of Fairfax.

While the VRE may be more expensive than the subway and other forms of transportation, it makes up for it with its less hurried atmosphere. For people who prefer to not have noise on their journey, a “Quiet Car” is available to make their trip more comfortable. On this car, cell phone and other electronic noises are not permitted.

The Burke VRE also provides passengers with lush scenery to look at while traveling, adding to the tranquil ambience. As Erickson said, “this particular railway is beautiful.”

A VRE ticket costs $7 and children under 10 ride for free when with a paying adult. Special passes are also available for purchase. Trains come every 30-45 minutes.

For more information, visit http://www.vre.org/.