Neighborhoods: Taylor Run

Neighborhoods: Taylor Run

Who can wear her wedding dress at a 50th anniversary celebration? Darlene Johnson did; the same pale green silk shantung that her mother made for her 50 years ago at her marriage to Dick Johnson was what she wore at a large party given by their children, Dean Johnson, Christine Lankford, and Cassandra Johnson.

Darlene and Dick met on a blind date arranged by Dick's brother Roger in La Crosse, Wis., their home town. They went bowling.


Lots of relatives were there. The Lankfords — Tom, Harriet and children Taylor, Cooper, and Hadley came from Alexandria. Cookie and Jim Zoerb came up from Williamsburg; Kathy Warner from Linesboro, Md.; the Hobsons — Laura, Mark and three daughters from Loudoun County; from Potomac came Annell and David Vendett; Mark Vendett and two daughters; Carol and Jerry Weiland; also the Paynes — Jennifer, Calvin, and three children.


Dianna and Mickey Campagna, Rita Jupe (husband Eric, a pilot, had to fly), Grace and David Lawson, Paula and David Rutherford, Rocky and Leo Schmitt, Louise and Les Welch, Sandy and Larry Wiener, Lynn Hampton and Dennis Auld all came.


The Johnsons have been hard-working members of Fairlington Presbyterian since the 1960s. Dozens came from there.

Dawn Uglum Warner, a high school friend from Wisconsin, came, as did Joyce and Richard Gordon, friends for 34 years.

<b>— Lois Kelso Hunt</b>