Five Questions with T.C. Williams Guard Ryan Yates

Five Questions with T.C. Williams Guard Ryan Yates


T.C. Williams guard Ryan Yates.

<b>Q: What is your favorite food?</b>

A: Anything my grandmother makes, but especially her macaroni and cheese.

<b>Q: What is the furthest place from the Washington D.C. metro area you’ve been?</b>

A: Las Vegas and Tucson, Ariz., both of them were basketball related.

<b>Q: You’ve had several games postponed or cancelled due to inclement whether this season. What is your reaction?</b>

A: It makes me pray that I go to [college] in a warm climate.

<b>Q: What are your plans for after high school?</b>

A: I plan to be playing on an NCAA Division I basketball team and helping them go to the tournament.

<b>Q: Do you have a favorite basketball team?</b>

A: I’m a big Kobe [Bryant] fan and a huge Lakers fan. I saw when Kobe came in [to the NBA] in 1996 and I’ve been a fan ever since — and watching old clips of Magic [Johnson] and Showtime.