Five questions with Bishop O’Connell point guard Kendall Marshall


Bishop O'Connell point guard Kendall Marshall.

<b>Q:</b> Who is your favorite artist?

<b>A:</b> My favorite artist is probably Drake.

<b>Q:</b> What kind of stuff do you like to do when you’re not playing basketball?

<b>A:</b> When I’m not playing basketball I love listening to music and playing Sudoku.

<b>Q:</b> You’re headed to the University of North Carolina next year. What about the transition to college are you most looking forward to?

<b>A:</b> Just a new chapter in my life. It’s a new surrounding; getting a little bit more responsibility; a little more freedom and just taking another step.

<b>Q:</b> What is your favorite food?

<b>A:</b> Crabcakes.

<b>Q:</b> What is your favorite place to go outside of the Washington D.C. metro area?

<b>A:</b> It’s hard because all my traveling has been to basketball gyms in other states. Probably Disney World [in Orlando, Fla.]

— Jon Roetman