Role of Community Gardens

Role of Community Gardens

The Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities is a city department that continues to work hand and hand with the citizens of this fair city in order to continue to make programming relevant and exciting. Community Gardening is a program that is still very much alive in our department.

Even before community gardens were en vogue, this department had established community gardens as a norm due to the talented environmentalists, horticulturalists and naturalists on staff. I have to admit that I do not hold any of those titles, but received a great deal of help and support from such knowledgeable persons like John Walsh within the department. All I had to do is tell him what I was trying to do on the grounds of Nannie J. Lee and he was all for it. He still serves as the mentor and guiding force for the project.

Our community vegetable garden is the latest on-going project at Nannie J. Lee. The youth from our Power On after school program planted the seeds in late May under the guidance and direction of James Franklin, a recreation professional at the center.

The vegetables are growing and the youth from our Power on to the Arts Summer Program are tending to it, learning more about the environment firsthand.

Just as the youth planted the literal seeds in late May, staff at all neighborhood recreation centers, classes and camps, sports division and all other services provided to youth under the auspices of this department strive to plant seeds of good habits and behaviors that follow them throughout life. If you have any special green thumbing skills please lend a thumb to our project. Call Abdalla at 703-746-5533 or just stop by and see for yourself what we are doing.