Taylor Run

How very busy Alexandria is to have been blessed by Nature with such a useful and decorative feature as the Potomac River and its bank!

And how lucky we are that our city council and staff have figured out how to do such beautiful things with it.

I think that every July 10 when we celebrate our city’s birthday with cake, music from the Alexandria Symphony (thank you Kim Kluge), cannons from Fort Belvoir, and fireworks blending with it all.

It is so good for all ages! Emily, age 3, and Quinn, age 5, had a superb time chasing Jamie Bresner (over 21) of Monroe Avenue around a tree — they must have run two miles.

Alex Wasti and Gabriel Qualiana were thrilled by the fireworks.

Some badminton players lost their shuttlecock up the tree; it was dislodged by a well-kicked football from the boot of Bryan Muncy.

Many dogs were enjoying the party; a large affable one named Kozmo towed behind him Marie from Del Ray and her friend Paul, a devoted member of the Alexandria Recreation League’s baseball team.

I think every year that this is the best birthday party ever.