Peeler Writes Inspirational Story

Peeler Writes Inspirational Story


Author Joy Peeler with Mike Moehrl.

In her first book, former Alexandria teacher Joy Peeler has written an inspirational story of Mike Moehrl. On Eagle's Wings is the story of enduring faith, courage, and determination put forth by Mike as he finds his life changed in an instant when a fall from a horse renders him totally paralyzed. Awakening from the accident 24 hours later, Mike felt no fear or panic. Instead, he heard God speak and the message was clear. Come along with Mike through months of rehabilitation and struggles with life-threatening medical issues. The book is available on for $13.99.


Joy Peeler has taught for 28 years in Alexandria City Public Schools, including elementary school at Stonewall Jackson, Ramsay, Jefferson Houston and Mt. Vernon. She is now living in Longwood, Fla., where she teaches creative writing at a private school and spends leisurely time on a boat.