Five questions with T.C. Williams junior Anjuli DeWakar


T.C. Williams junior Anjuli DeWakar.

<b>Q: What location is the farthest you’ve traveled from the Washington, D.C. metro area?</b>

A: I’ve been to India. My dad’s from India, so we were visiting family. I also went to Prague this summer to watch the Lacrosse World Cup and play in the Prague Cup.

<b>Q: Who is your favorite music artist?</b>

A: I like Taylor Swift. I relate to all her songs.

<b>Q: What’s your favorite movie?</b>

A: "The Notebook." It’s girly. It’s so cute with the old people and the story. I cry.

<b>Q: Do you have a pregame ritual?</b>

A: We just all go in the locker room and listen to music and joke. … We listen to rap/hip-hop type stuff to pump us up.

<b>Q: What’s your favorite food?</b>

A: I like Thai food.

— Jon Roetman