Video: A Well Deserved Break

Video: A Well Deserved Break

After three games in three consecutive days, the South County girls' lacrosse team looks to rest and recharge.

South County head girls' lacrosse coach Sarah King kept her post-game talk brief after a 15-10 loss to West Springfield on Thursday, April 29. Her players, expecting a lecture about a loss, instead heard some welcome words.

"We're taking the weekend off, get some rest," she said.

Normally, King wouldn't tell her players to put down their sticks and forget about lacrosse for a little bit, but after three consecutive games in three days, the Stallions needed the rest.

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"It's been quite an experience playing three games in a row," she said. "A lot of emotions, personal stuff, but we had two great wins."

A postponed game was rescheduled between the Stallions' last two games of the season, creating a hectic week of lacrosse for the team.

It also didn't help that the team couldn't go through its normal practice routine due to foul weather.

"We came out on Monday, but it rained and we were stuck indoors," she said. "There was only so much we could do. It's tough."

The Stallions started the three-game string with a 12-8 win over Patriot District rival West Potomac on April 27. On April 28, the girls followed up that win with a 19-11 victory over Concorde District foe Centreville.

The regular season then came to an end at home on April 29 with the senior night loss to West Springfield.

"West Springfield gave us a run for our money," King said, "but we were able to rally back."

In the loss, South County jetted out to an early lead, only to watch it quickly turn to West Springfield's favor. Junior Patty Rafferty said the emotions from senior night helped fuel the team.

"I think we were all excited it was senior night," Rafferty said. "Yeah, we were physically tired, but we fought [fatigue]."

Despite the tiring schedule, King said she knew her players were giving all the energy they had left.

"The girls really wanted this game," she said. "Some of them were crying at the last time out."

Senior attacker Rachel Covas said her teammates have been run ragged because of their hectic schedule, but shouldn't be too discouraged by the West Springfield loss.

"We've really pulled through," Covas said. "We've had some injuries but everyone played hard.

With a week to recuperate, the Stallions' attention now turns to the Patriot District tournament which starts on Thursday, May 6.

"We started off the season lagging behind the top teams," Covas said. "But we've had some good signs for the playoffs. I think we have a chance."

For King, there is some upside to having a flurry of games before the tournament, including against one of the Northern Region's best teams.

"We've let some of our big games get away from us, but we're better prepared for them," she said. "We'll know what to do."