Letter: True War On Women

Letter: True War On Women

— To the Editor:

Last week, the Gazette published a letter from a reader who was a member of the Alexandria Chapter of NOW. Apparently, the reader felt that the present Virginia State government, controlled by the GOP, "has made it perfectly clear that we (meaning women) are as disposable as Kleenex." She said this in reference to her belief that the State of Virginia would not fund health care legislation for poor women and children.

Really? Unfortunately, the Democratic party does a really good job of dividing constituents on the basis of race, income and gender in an attempt to close the gap of their shrinking majority that they now face and get them to the polls in November. Their calculated attempts to stir up targeted constituencies, such as women, undermines their belief that women cannot make an informed decision based on the facts, but rather will react emotionally and run to the polls. The fact is that the federally funded CHIP program does indeed provide health care for poor children, while poor adults are covered under Medicare. Therefore there is no "assault" on women and children at the State or even the Federal level as the reader stated.

The real "War Against Women" is the insulting way that the Democratic party panders to women and treats them as if the only issues we understand have to do with issues such as abortion, contraception and other such traditional "female issues." Would they call the fact that millions of unborn "women" have been lost to legalized infanticide in our country a "War on Woman? Or how about the fact that millions of women who have recently graduated from college cannot find a job or will have to pay off the federal deficit that has quadrupled since 2008? How about the fact that Catholic women will be forced to violate their conscience and pay for medical procedures under "Obamacare" that go against their core beliefs? Is this also a "War on Women", or are only women who belong to the "right" political party and religion the ones she was concerned about? Lastly, for someone who is so concerned about the health care coverage of women and children, did it ever occur to this reader that "Obamacare" will impose mandatory tax insurance premiums and penalties which will make it even harder for so many women?

I agree with the reader that there is a "War on Women" … just not the one she believes in. Unlike the reader, however, I won't be voting for tyrannical leaders who thwart the Constitution, trample on the rights and freedoms of our people and impose mandatory fees and penalties for massive government programs that most of us don't want. I will send the Alexandria chapter of NOW a box of Kleenex on Nov. 7. They will probably need it.

Kathleen Karau