Competitive World

— To the Editor:
 Interesting opinion piece [“Separate and Unequal?” editorial, Centre View, July 26]. You make an interesting but invalid leap of logic when you state: "If we don’t believe that poor students are less talented, then the disparities in Northern Virginia are truly unfair."

The founding documents, if you believe in them, state "all men are created equal." Any rational being will conclude that the founders refer to rights not abilities and talents. Entrance to TJ is by placement on a competitive examination. Yes the dreaded word competition. If you want to get in, hard study alone and wishful thinking will not get you in. Just because your skin is a certain color doesn’t guarantee admission.

From the statistics you quote, almost 75 percent are Asian. Why is that? Because that culture puts great emphasis on education. Go to any public library and do a race count there, especially on a weekend. It’s a competitive world. That needs to be instilled in every student at every age.