Enjoy the Music, Enjoy the Wine

Enjoy the Music, Enjoy the Wine

Crystal City Water Park entertains Friday evenings in September.

— Fine vintages, live music, tasty fare and friendly crowds, all in a scenic outdoor venue, make Friday evenings at the Crystal City Water Park one of Arlington’s most entertaining hidden gems.

Wine Mixes with a Good Time

The wine and music events at the Crystal City Water Park are held every Friday in September, 6-10:30 p.m. The event is free, and sampling tickets can be purchased at the entrance. The Crystal City Water Park is located between 18th and 15th Streets along Crystal Drive, and is readily accessible by metro at the Crystal City station.

Nestled between 18th and 15th streets along Crystal Drive, the Crystal City Water Park Friday evening events are a fine way to relax after a long week.

“People are always looking for a nice place to sit outside. The water park is beautiful, there’s a mellow sort of feel to it, it’s very laid back,” said Angela Fox, president and CEO of the Crystal City Business Improvement District. “Some people will have picnics, others just sip wine and relax.”

Cheers to Casual Classes

The Washington Wine Academy is dedicated to enhancing the appreciation of wine. The academy offers casual wine classes, which makes for a fun way to meet new people in a relaxed environment. For more information visit: washingtonwineaca.... Photo by Montie Martin.

Wine by the glass is available through the Washington Wine Academy, an Arlington-based organization dedicated to expanding an appreciation for all types of wine. Although Spanish light Chianti has been a popular style during the summer months, of particular interest to the academy is the promotion of Virginia wine.


Friday evening wine nights at the Crystal City Water Park offer live music, a relaxing atmosphere and plenty of vintages to sample.

“In terms of production, of all the wine consumed in Virginia only five-percent is from the state,” said Jim Barker, president and founder of the Washington Wine Academy. “I firmly believe Virginia wine will continue to grow.”

Now in the second year running, the Friday evening wine nights are increasing in popularity. Organizers estimate 400 people attend the weekly events on average, which means there are plenty of opportunities to meet neighbors and make new friends. Nonetheless, the events remain far below the radar.

“It’s a nice place to wind down, it’s very relaxing because of the quietness and convenience,” said John Broussard, an Arlington resident who regularly attends the Friday evening events. “It’s a hidden gem.”


Ken and Patrick Smith, of the group Small Town, perform live music at the Crystal City Water Park.